London’s only bespoke tutoring service that concentrates solely on primary education in the SW postcode.

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Online Tuition

In these uncertain times due to COVID-19 we have developed a child-friendly solution to our tuition sessions. Using interactive whiteboard software and video chat, we manage to maintain the same level of engagement and productivity as an in-person session. If your family is currently abroad but looking to enrol in an SW London school, we can provide both advice about the school that best fits your child’s requirements. We can then prepare them for either examinations or to bring their ability into line with the British requirements, we have expertise in tutoring children where English isn’t their first language. So far in 2021 we have tutored children to gain places at Kings Wimbledon, Dulwich College, Hornsby House and Alleyns School.

Key Stage 1 and 2, SATs and General Primary Support

Even if your child is not specifically aiming at entrance to another school for a few years, academic support can be advantageous at any level of ability; whether you feel your child is gifted and needs to be challenged further than the school currently supports, or whether you feel your child needs individualised support with specific aspects of their education. At SW London Tutors we provide the time and personal attention that a large classroom environment cannot provide.

10+, 11+ and “The Wandsworth Test” Preparation

As with the 7 and 8 plus preparation we will focus on guiding the child through the process with as little stress attached as is possible. Not only do we prepare for private school entrance but also the state schools in the SW area that have the 11 plus entrance and most specifically the rigours of “The Wandsworth Test”. Areas of preparation will encompass English comprehension, creative writing, mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

7+, 8+ and 9+ Examination Preparation

We help guide both child and parent through the Private School entrance process in London’s SW postcode. Our tutors are well versed in local schools and their examination style plus their open day and application deadlines. Your child will be helped through the preparation with the onus on English comprehension and creative writing, Mathematics, examination and interview technique, and most importantly – fun. A high achieving child is most often a happy one.


“I needed a tutor to prepare my son to attend the 8+ assessment for 3 private schools in London. We were worried because he didn’t want to change school and so he didn’t want to have any tutoring, but thanks to SWLondonTutors, he immediately felt confident with him and he accepted to do extra work after school even when he was very tired. In just a few lessons I could see him improving in his English writing. He was already quite smart in maths, but his Tutor helped him to improve also with the addition and division exercises giving him great tips to use for his assessment. This preparation gave him confidence and he attended the exams without stress and he did it easily.”

Daniela, Kensington Olympia

“SWLondonTutors provided a tutor who understood that we didn’t wish to cause George any anxiety and were not prepared to become “tiger-parents”. George always looked forward to his sessions, even though they were after-school and made for a long day. The tutor was friendly, encouraging and calm, which put George at ease for what could otherwise have been an over-whelming process for a young child. The tutor was excellent at keeping us updated about George’s progress and adjusting sessions according to where he needed the most help. We are sure that George’s time with his tutor contributed in great part to his self-confidence in adjusting to a new level of pressure at school, and he has been thriving academically since. I feel no hesitation in recommending SW London Tutors for 7+, 8+ exam preparation or general pre-prep level material. George was successful in gaining entry to Kings Wimbledon on his 8+.”

Justine, Clapham

“My husband and I really appreciated SWLondonTutors support during the summer holiday as our daughter was very reluctant in doing any of her homework in preparation of the 11+ exams. You gave her confidence which as lacking in English together with the tools to help her prepare for the 11+ exam. We are very grateful for it. We are also very pleased to report that Elizabeth was successful with her 11+ exams and got into her preferred school. We hope other children will keep benefiting from your passion for teaching”

Marie-Helen, Putney

“SWLondonTutors really boosted my son Thomas’ confidence in English and especially in freeing his creative potential. The tutor provided was always punctual, kind and compassionate and the improvement in my 8 year old boy was almost immediate, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Nicola, Wimbledon

"SWLT did a great job with our child who struggled with creative writing. Our Tutor patiently guided her on the best way to structure her writing and we saw a noticeable improvement after just 7 sessions. She was very engaged with him. The Bitpaper online software they provided made it very easy for her to understand his explanations and was a good reference for us as parents. We would definitely recommend him. “